Monday, April 18, 2016

Where's Honey...Day 4 continued

We spent a lot of time in this big building.  You could put the whole of Fry Pan Gulch in it.  More people, too.  I’m getting a mite homesick for dirt roads and buildings small enough you can throw a rock over them.  Speaking of which, I met up with an ugly rock feller called Easter.  Shy, though—not too talkative.  

Then Diane took me to see what she called a knight.  I read about them in a book.  They ride around dressed in steel jackets, skirts, and hats, and poke at each other with long sticks.  Don’t make much sense to me.  They all ought to visit Fry Pan Gulch, for I’d be glad to show them around.  They can leave their 
sticks home, though.  We have plenty.

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  1. Is that the Dum-Dum from night in the Museum? "Dum-Dum wants some Yum-Yum" :-)