Saturday, April 16, 2016

#WheresHoney, continued...

Where's Honey, continued...

I won’t say I’m bothersome, but my scribe told me I needed a vacation so she could finish the next book in the Honey Beaulieu series, SIDETRACKED IN SILVER CITY.  Well, my buddy Diane took me with her, and let me tell you, did we travel (I’ll tell you about that big scary bird someday).  We’re in a town with more people than I ever did see.  This here’s a big house, but only a few people live in it.  I’m guessing it’s a least a three-holer.  Maybe more, on account of they have to hire guards so that people don’t come in.  I don’t know why else folks would want to go in that place.  Hell, you could get lost in there.  Anyway, I reckoned I’d help the guard, but he didn’t seem much obliged.  Just stood there.  I was tempted to poke him to see if he’d tip over.  Then again, he just might be tougher than a cast iron buffalo... you never know about these things.

We ate good, I’ll give you that.  But I don’t know how they’re gonna grow any food what with the ground all covered over with rocks—the  tomaters would get tromped on anyway.  They got a tall water trough, too, but nary a soul watered their horses in it.  Diane told me I couldn’t drink the water and took me over to a coffee shop.  I’ll send pictures of us there another day.  Lots to see here what with the stone men and lions—I wonder if Diane’s gonna take me to the zoo so I can see some real ones. 


I was a mite worried that Diane would get lost so I bought us this here map.  I can’t make heads nor tails of it but she’s happy and bought me another one of them fancy tea drinks.  When we get home, I’ll buy her a good stiff shot of tequila.  She’ll need it.


  1. Jolly good post, Honey! It sounds like something I'd see on the telly. Have a fun trip in what sounds like London.

  2. Except for thinking mistaking Buckingham Palace for the British Museum (but only on Facebook - I can see better here) I recognize the London landmarks. Trafalgar Square is particularly familiar because I've been there, at least once, each of the three times I've stayed in London.