Friday, April 22, 2016

Where's Honey...Last Day

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this big cathedral.  I swear, it’s bigger than the other one.  I about walked my legs off seeing all this stuff, and I’m getting lonesome for Sassy and Pickles—especially Pickles, since I can ride instead of walk.  Diane might have warned me so I could get some of those fancy shoes like she’s got.  She called ’em cross-trainers.  I don’t know what she was crossin’.  The bridge, I expect.  And another thing—these folks don’t know how to pronounce things.  Even so, they’ve been good to us.

I’ve spent a week here, and even with all the interesting things to see, I’m ready to head back to Fry Pan Gulch, which we done later in the day.  First, though, she took me to visit a war room.  These fancy cities do things different than us folks out West.  We don’t have war in a room—we use up the whole danged land.  Besides, these fellers didn’t look too fierce to me.  I could’ve pulled on any one or all of ’em.   Diane wouldn’t let me try them, though.  Said they was wax.  She hurried me out and bought me a cup of hot coffee.  Now that was a real treat.  

I have to tell you about that big steel bird called an airplane.  Honest, we flew up in the air just like a bird, only we didn’t have to flap our arms.  You get a comfortable chair, a cold beer (about damn time), I read MUCH ADO ABOUT MINERS—pretty danged good story—and took a snooze with Sassy.  How Diane got her on the plane, I have no idea.

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