Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where's Honey...Day 7

Let me tell you, they have fancy jails in these parts—ain’t at all like the one in Fry Pan Gulch.  

Some guards in funny-looking clothes took us on a tour—they’re called Beefeaters.  Hell, everyone eats beef where I come from.  Turns out, the Beefeaters used to guard the prisoners and take them to get their heads chopped off, and that includes queens.  

I tried on a crown but decided I’d rather keep my head than be a queen.  Not sure what queens do, and anyway my own hat is a lot more comfortable.  Then one of them Beefeaters wanted Diane come with him.  After hearing about heads rolling, I put the kibosh on that.

You can’t lose track of time in this city—they’ve got the biggest clock I ever did see.  And there ain’t much that’s more fun that a marching band.  I hung around the fellows for a while and next thing you know... well, you can see the picture.  Diane gave me a good ribbin’ about that.  I’m still waiting on that hot coffee she promised.  

Anyway, then we went to see a monument of women warriors.  Us gals is generally overlooked so I was right glad to see it.  Then we went to a church that made the Fry Pan Gulch church look like a dollhouse.

#WheresHoney #HoneyBeaulieu 

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