Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Where's Honey...Day 6

I was always a sucker for fantastical stories, so Diane took me to a place where you run through the wall.  I saw a lot of bouncing.  Guess they didn’t hold their mouths right or some such.  

Meantime, as we walked down the street this greenhorn wizard from Slytherin attacked Diane, so I had to make sure she held her own, which she did.  She’s short but she’s tough, I’ll give her that.  Maybe I’ll take her to Silver City with me—she’d have a good time what with all the... well, she’d have a good time.  Said she’d come for a visit June 17 and would bring her friends.

Who’d have reckoned I’d find a cow in the big city?  She ain’t too lively, though, and likely gives concrete milk.  

Diane took me to see a special friend of hers—a big stone feller with a funny looking hat.  She told me he solves crimes by using logic.  

Have you noticed half the people and animals over here are made out of rock?  But not all of them.  The rest of the folks in the city are jammed in these little underground railroad cars, only you can’t tell where one car ends and another begins.  It’s like this giant metal worm that eats people.  All right, I’ll cut that out.  Mama always said I had more imagination than good sense. 

#WheresHoney #HoneyBeaulieu 

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